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Outsource Your Quantitative Analysis to ERIN analytics

We also offer superior analytical services. The ERIN analytics team is a group of seasoned professionals, with decades of real-world experience with many of the largest regional and Wall Street investment banking institutions in the country. We also understand the needs of the smaller financial firms and can bring this wide ranging expertise to our clients' benefit. No transaction is too large or small, complex, or straightforward. And, we can work with your staff to prepare effective customer presentations.

In our capacity as your technical resource, we are prepared to assist with the production of proposals for all types of transactions including new money issues, refundings, escrow restructurings, and multi-issue capital plan models. Additionally, we regularly perform tax rate analysis, transferred proceeds adjustment computations, multipurpose allocations, and perform all other calculations necessary in the business of investing and managing public and private debt.

Our staff is an excellent resource for unique financing challenges.  We have helped a number of clients work out problems in financing structures and difficulties with tax regulations.  Though its never pleasant to be in such a situation, it is good to know that seasoned professionals are available for consultation and with the expertise to competently assist.

We can produce analysis for proposals, structuring analysis for both new money and refunding issues, escrow restructurings, bid verification, 8038-G's, perform tax rate analysis, compute transferred proceeds adjustments, handle multipurpose allocations, and perform all other calculations necessary in the business of investing and managing debt. 

Given current economic conditions, it makes good financial sense to outsource your computational work to ERIN analytics. Fees are very reasonable with both hourly and deal-by-deal payment options available. Additionally, our participation can be completely transparent to your clients.

To request more information, please click HERE to email us or give us a call today on the ERIN Line at the number shown above.

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