Producing and sharing documents in PDF format is the way to go in the internet era.  With the proper software tool installed on your computer, you can print your ERIN reports to a file, as if it were a printer - then email the finished reports to any one!  The files are fully formatted reports as they would appear on your printer and readable with the free PDF reader from Adobe - see the last link in the bulleted list below.

This page contains several useful hints, links, and information for taking advantage of this technology.  It's easy, give it a try!

bullet Download the Adobe PDF reader, click here
bullet Take a look at the Kim Komando newsletter discussing PDFs and a shareware tool that can create PDFs
bullet Tools for creating PDF files:
bullet Adobe web site
bullet Shareware (free) PDF writer as discussed Kim Komando's newsletter above:
bullet Printing ERIN reports to PDF format files.


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